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Thread: Semi/Nanotech Increasing Obsolescence and the "Great Acceleration"

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    Semi/Nanotech Increasing Obsolescence and the "Great Acceleration"

    "The Great Acceleration" is going to demand radical changes if we are going to keep up with the ever increasing rate of obsolescence of everything we touch and do.

    From our social structures, physical structures, transportation and skill sets, the semi revolution has changed everything through the increasing automation of everything from design, building and even original thinking with AI coming on. With AutoCAD/EDA design and ever more sophisticated manufacturing and 3d printing increasing in sophistication literally by the week, now the world as we know it and were taught to deal with it are obsolete. This will demand that we utilize everything as close to 100% in time and capacity before it goes obsolete. Cars with autonomous driving will become increasing shared since we only use our car about 5% of the time and it will get to the point a fifteen year old car will be not only obsolete, but illegal to use in many areas, for pollution, safety, control, efficiency and parking reasons. This already applies to commercial trucks and planes where utilization close as possible to 100% is a religion. The same it true of much of the equipment and processes industry and business use. Who would ever use a ten year old computer or phone, even if they could?

    Our entire social, political, government and educational structure are going to have to change and no one can stop it.

    Since only an intelligent population can make intelligent decisions, the education structure will have to change the most. The current model is inefficient in its use of structure, time, resources and application. Even fresh graduates of exhaustive programs are having to be trained before they can even start work. Education will have to go to a job based introductory model that continues on a subscription bases that itself is literally updated and used on a daily basis. Auto Cad and EDA are early examples of this.

    No where will all this be more important than in the semi/nanotech sector itself, where many measures in this direction have already been taken and are being implemented at an ever increasing rate.

    In the near future even houses and buildings will be built to what are now considered unbelievable standards using a combination of prefabrication, 3D printing and robotics. Semis/nanotechnologies will even expand into construction in ways even the people in the semi sector haven't even considered.

    The "Great Acceleration" is here and the only choices will be to embrace it, get run over by it or use corruption to make someone else pay the price for your refusal to participate(this can already be seen in a number of areas on a broad scale that is costly to everyone).

    On top of all this we have to consider AI/ML and the vast danger and opportunity it overlays on top of what I have already covered. Check the link below for seeing the ultimate danger and opportunity. WE MUST CHANGE.

    Artificial Intelligence: it will kill us | Jay Tuck | TEDxHamburgSalon - YouTube

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