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Thread: Self Driving Cars Waiting on Semi Industry

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    Self Driving Cars Waiting on Semi Industry

    Self driving cars and other autonomous mobile devices are waiting on the cost of sensors of many types to come down to make them viable from a cost perspective. Mems, sensors, and power sources of many types (lidar, laser, radar, etc.) will be needed at low cost to make this widespread and meet safety standards. This is what the semi industry is best at and will drive down costs at the same rate it has driven down the costs of almost everything it has touched. The semi industry is all about nanotech manufacturing of almost everything at ever lower cost and high performance, not just logic and computer circuits. Transportation, robotics, medical and many, many other areas of endeavor provide huge future markets for the semi/nanotech industry that will allow an ever faster growth rate to continue for many years. Even batteries are going nanotech with 2D materials that provide a whole new future themselves for the industry. Nanotech materials and processes are the steel of the future.

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    There are 72 million cars (excluding commercial vehicles) produced worldwide in 2016. This is a huge and achievable market for semi.

    • Car production: Number of cars produced worldwide 2016 | Statista

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