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Thread: Samung Releases 512 GB Memory for Phones

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    Samung Releases 512 GB Memory for Phones

    Samsung has just released a 512 GB V-Nand Chip with a controller chip for smart phones. This is just an early indicator of the massive increase in memory we will see in everything. With IOT massive memory will take a large load off communications and administration allowing massive smarts to migrate close the edge allowing us to set up systems never dreamed possible. Combine this with the new processing power, MEMs, sensors and power sources with new packaging techniques and we have created a whole new world to explore. This is but one more step in bringing AI/ML to the edge. It will be a combination of the cloud, far more powerful processors and memory. The smart phone will be the core of the personal devices and IOT we will all be dealing with in the future. Soon, everything will have intelligence. Many will not be able to keep up, further widening the gaps in health, wealth and quality of life. It would be far wiser to use advances to democratize the world around us. It will be interesting to see how the memory and processing power race between Apple and Samsung plays out. One thing is proven is the competition speeds progress.

    Samsung begins production on 512 GB flash storage for smartphones

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