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Thread: Robots and Software, the Automation of Everything, the Great Danger

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    Robots and Software, the Automation of Everything, the Great Danger

    With AI and robotics advancing at a tremendous rate, now is the time to give careful thought to developing a pathway that avoids economic and social destruction. With AI, many of the professions could be greatly downsized and this has already started, just as it has been going on for years with physical labor. By redesigning processes, the penetration of automation can not only speed up, but can have vastly increased penetration. Machines will be building machines and to think software can not build software is nave. The semi/nanotechnology sector has reduced the cost of many things by factors of hundreds, even sophisticated things, like gyros and accelerometers. Automation of the professions is already starting to make a dent in several areas. Technology now leads and governments follow, but far behind and falling farther behind at an increasing rate. If governments don't change their ways and catch up, the dislocations will be ones that will be more devastating than physical war. Since we in the tech sector are closest to the leading edge, it is part of our responsibility to be as creative about the integration as the technology itself. This will require major changes in how tech companies are structured and currently work. One just can't create a technology and hope for the best, especially as the rate of change and power increase as part of the "Great Acceleration". If we create technologies that have the capacity blow up of government and social structure, we shouldn't be surprised if they do. With power goes responsibility, and changing technology is becoming the greatest power on earth. With the "Great Acceleration" comes great promise, but even greater danger. If we create to many losers, everyone will lose. Technology has already rendered large parts of our social and government structure obsolete with no replacement.

    Comments, thoughts and solutions on this welcome and solicited.

    The Robot Rampage - Bloomberg Gadfly

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