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Thread: Repurposing Older Fabs Changes Economics of Semi Industry

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    Repurposing Older Fabs Changes Economics of Semi Industry

    These miniature optical gyros that are highly accurate and represent the very tip of a market of staggering size for the semi sector to take their knowledge and repurpose older fabs and lower costs by fuller utilizing older fabs for new products. This offers a rare opportunity for companies in many areas of the semi/nanotech to not only open, but create whole new markets for the semi/nanotech sector that could radically change the economics by more fully utilizing facilities, equipment, IP and personnel. This has the power to radically change the industry by creating whole new product lines we haven't even imagined thereby changing the economics to point of restructuring the entire industry from research to equipment, personnel, training, facilities, EDA and even marketing, in short the entire ecosystem. Entire new ranges of products could also change the entire nature of the economic cycle of the industry so we don't have the rises and falls as we have now by greatly broadening the products and applications. The companies that can adapt faster and better will be the winners, it will be interesting to see what companies adapt and which don't. The ability to constantly morph, adapt and change will be the new business skill sets of the future, even many tech companies have these skills in only limited areas. This will require most to really look at themselves, their talents and resources and make changes or fall behind. Courage to not accept failure, is a skill set in and of itself. I hope by bringing an outsiders view, I can make a contribution to the industry that needs to make this change to avoid the declines many, if not most are currently going through. Morris Chang once stated taking cutting edge technology from newer fabs and using it in older fabs is one of TSMC's competitive advantages. This is an example of taking bleeding edge technology and changing the world of gyros that have a very wide range of uses, creating new opportunities though even TSMC has not taken advantage of changes such as this to their full potential. Declining markets or failure are many times a choice of not adapting to a changing environment as the "Great Acceleration" takes hold with a vengeance. The ability to morph and adapt thinking and action at an ever increasing rate will be the key to survival for careers and companies, it takes courage and leadership to not let even the worst adversity cause either an individual or company freeze up and not take action. It will be interesting to see what companies have true courage and leadership built into their culture and not blind fear that causes them to freeze up rather than adapt, morph and change. It will be interesting to see who the true dynamic and courageous leaders in the industry are, only tough times can really separate the true leaders from the rest, for in easy, good times almost everyone looks good. Who are going to be the Morris Chang's and Andy Grove's of the future? Right now I see a good deal of failure, even some in myself and know I must morph and change to create the future I want.

    Note: To underestimate the Silicon Valley's to adapt, morph and change has always proven to be a losing bet,
    except for relatively short pauses where it invents and explores entirely new frontiers.

    Comments and thoughts on this solicited and welcome

    Tiny gyroscope the size of a grain of rice could help shrink gadgets even further

    Another example of an area of future growth

    It Just Got Easier to Make Hordes of Blood Cell-Sized Robots All at Once

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