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Thread: Privacy Gone, Cheap Facial/Voice Recognition Change EVERYTHING

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    Privacy Gone, Cheap Facial/Voice Recognition Change EVERYTHING

    Any hope of privacy is rapidly disappearing and will be totally gone if technologies from Amazon that reduces the price of facial recognition to just ten dollars becomes wide spread. This is already in use by police departments and many other companies and will spread, fast becoming a driver for technologies built into the camera systems that permeate almost everything and will be in almost every single device if a Syntiant's technology comes to be and makes it possible to bring this to the edge of IOT inexpensively and effectively by mixing memory and processing using a Neural Processing Unit that is mixed with memory. These two technologies have the power to eliminate any semblance of privacy from a large sections of the world we live in. The advance of semis/mems/nanotechnologies into this area will literally change everything as our face will become our ID and it isn't hard to imagine our voice becoming our signature. Combined with RFID and a few other technologies it isn't hard to see how our entire world could change with no money, ID required for any transaction or access. From work to travel to shopping to just knowing where we are all the time the semi/nanotech world combined with AI/ML is destined to be the greatest change mankind has ever experienced in a time frame so short it's almost unimaginable. The tech industry is reducing generations from decades to years to even months in many cases and speed is picking up in not only its creation, but adoption and spread.

    All this is presenting a wealth of opportunities in devices/applications both larger and smaller. Imagine if we use this same technology that is used in facial recognition to identify everything from diseases to physical objects of all types. These are just two of the technologies out of the semi/nanotech sector that are creating new frontiers of knowledge and applications at a staggering rate, presenting everyone with more opportunities than we have ever had before. The world is getting far more complicated and interconnected at a rate most don't even realize, let alone prepared for.

    Thoughts, comments and additions solicited and welcome


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