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Thread: No ID, Money, Keys, Passwords, Credentails Needed

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    No ID, Money, Keys, Passwords, Credentails Needed

    Semi/nanotechnology is going to totally change recognition of everything we are and access to all aspects of the world around us. We can now be accurately and fully recognized by facial features, gait, fingerprint and so many other biometric methods it will be impossible for impersonation. Much of these technologies have already been implemented somewhere and are spreading at a geometric rate. With the camera function we will not even need photographs taken and should be able to renew and update any documentation real time and on the spot, even passports and professional documentation. Not only our accurate ID can be determined, but our mental and physical states can be deciphered in numerous ways without even physical contact. It's now possible to even follow a DNA trail that's getting cheaper and more easily implemented all time. Not only will these technologies by used for identification, but for our fitness to do a task. Much of this information can even be the start of very sophisticated medical exam or a precursor that we need one.

    We will see entire new industries/business models built on this and are already seeing a few. The smart phone will no longer be a phone, but our mobile storage and interface to our presence/existence in the cloud. We are truly entering a "Brave New World" in which privacy anywhere is rapidly disappearing. Sophisticated real and virtual drones with ever more power and resources derived from the cloud will change our very social structure in ways we haven't even imagined combined with unintended consequences we haven't even imagined.

    With the research in literally every field subject to the "Great Acceleration" where ever more people, with more training, collaboration, technical tools, AI/ML power pursuing new knowledge and new applications of existing knowledge we have created more frontiers and will create new ones at an ever accelerating rate. This process has been going on for years, but like a nuclear reaction, has reached critical mass. It will be interesting to see what this explosion of knowledge and it's applications creates.

    There is a very long runway for the semi/nanotech industry as it has become the fastest evolving industry in history and is now the foundation driving the speed of economic, social, political and science of every field of endeavor out there. It has even changed the language of almost every field to software dominating the communication and implementation of literally everything.

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