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Thread: New Rectennas to Dirive IOT Expansion

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    New Rectennas to Dirive IOT Expansion

    New materials for rectifying antennas will enable IOT devices to communicate using the WIFI signals themselves to act as a power source. With the new materials and designs coming out, with more to come, this will enable the expansion of IOT devices exponentially as power will no longer be a challenge. Ultra low power consuming sensors and semis will only extend what can be done with IOT devices even further. I can also see in the near future where their will be carrier radio waves specifically designed to power devices this way that will provide even more power for designers to work with, extending the versatility and reach of IOT devices even farther. I also see ultra small solar cells of many types being adapted for specific efficiencies and heat differential harvesting to play a part in extending the reach of IOT devices. It's very easy to see IOT having double digit growth for many years if not decades, providing opportunities all around and an entirely new frontiers to explore for their uses. As an investor, this will also present new frontiers at all levels from venture capital to stocks as investment opportunities. IOT will change our world as much as the internet has changed it and between the both of them, we are still in the early stages of creating and exploring more frontiers than mankind has ever had before. IOT combined with 5G, ML, AI and the cloud are going the bring the most massive change mankind has ever seen with self powered IOT devices extending its reach in ways yet to be discovered.

    Any thoughts, comments or additions on this would be appreciated.

    Two-dimensional antenna converts Wi-Fi signals into electricity

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