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Thread: A new OS for smart watches?

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    A new OS for smart watches?

    (Reuters) Swatch Group is developing a Swiss-made operating system as it seeks to offer a smaller, more flexible alternative to the dominant systems which connect items such as smartwatches to the internet, its chief executive said on Thursday.

    The Swiss are known for their watches but reaction from analysts is tepid, unsurprisingly.

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    Stupid beyond belief --- worse than Nokia or RIM, in that at least those had the excuse that they started down this path BEFORE the future was clear.

    There is no way they can compete (and then stay competitive) with the tech big boys. Which means they should be looking at what THEY do well. Swatch, for example, is about some sort of playfulness and flexibility in watch appearance.

    * So create a team that skins Android Wear WELL (ie develop a skin that is BETTER than the default, something that people are happy to pay money for).
    * Offer ways that that can change playfully and automatically --- eg aspects of the skin change based on location and time of day.
    * Put the tech hardware inside a capsule that can be swapped between multiple shells, like how Apple offers different bands, but with even more customization from a minimal shell to something that looks aggressive and manly like those diving watches.

    This is not hard --- if you're not a complete moron. Sure, developing a good skin is tough --- but it's a whole lot easier than developing a new OS...
    You may not succeed against Apple, but you don't need to be as good as them, just better than Samsung, HTC, and so on...

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