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Thread: Is Micron in Play

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    Is Micron in Play

    A stock advisory service put out a two week price target on Micron of sixty while it's trading around forty five and gained almost two percent today. A number of possibilities could be causing this play. Their current product line wouldn't justify an increase of this size in such a time frame, which leaves either a buyout or one of their new technologies having a breakthrough. On the buyout side the reason would be to pick up new key technologies in memory and processing. Possible buyers would be the operators of large data centers with significant resources such as Microsoft, Google, Facebook or Amazon. Another possible reason could be progress on 3dXpoint memory or the Automata processor and it would have to very significant progress or a major breakthrough to justify an increase of this type. Any thoughts or opinions on this would be appreciated.

    Recent change, I just found a major fund added 8.5 million shares to their position in MU last quarter.

    Full disclosure, I have had a significant holding of MU for almost two years.

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    $60 is a good number without an acquisition. Micron is a value play in a hot market. They are on the cusp of reporting another blow out quarter (Q1, '18). With memory prices looking to stay strong through out 2018 they could well bring in north of $10/share for the FY. (You can see why i say value play.) There are many more reasons to be invested in Micron but for me the most compelling is that Sanjay M. is running the company and just getting started on his campaign to take massive amounts of cost out of their ops and back-end processes and improving their value-add position in the marketplace. Now is the time to add to your Micron position. If you aren't already doing so, take a look at the semi memory thread on "Seeking Alpha". You'll find some excellent commentary on the Micron and the various memory players.
    Micron Technology: Chips Ahoy! - Micron Technology Inc. (NASDAQ:MU) | Seeking Alpha

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