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Thread: Micron earnings tomorrow: Blindly bet on this one!

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    Unhappy Micron earnings tomorrow: Blindly bet on this one!

    Micron had an amazing stock rally in the past 52 weeks, increasing as much as 87%. Yet, there are no signs of slowing down as its products continue to be in great demand owing to the craze over artificial intelligence, cloud computing, and autonomous driving.

    Percentage of total revenue contributed by DRAM

    Micron has previously posted 10 consecutive quarterly earnings surprises, and there is no reason why it shouldn’t this time. Analysts expect third quarter revenues to jump 38% to an approximate $7.70 billion, riding on strong demand for memory chips. Meanwhile, earnings for the quarter are expected to almost double to $3.14 per share.
    A spike in demand for DRAM spurred sometime in 2016 has continued its momentum all the way to 2018, thanks to its increased adoption in artificial intelligence at data centers.

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    I have the largest position I have ever taken in MU. I definitely will be listening to the call. The conference call a month ago was just a taste of things to come. Listening between the lines is key in investing. It's very important to see and listen to the people talk for non verbal clues are very important and not to be underestimated. This must be backed up by copious research for maximum effect. Memory is going to change in ways most have not imagined and MU gets it. There are new technologies in both memory and processing that are very exciting, especially when the two are combined.

    The impact of AI/ML/IOT/5G/Robotics/Automation of Everything/Mems on the semi/nanotechnology sector is being underestimated in its lasting and long term impact and the speed that it will come on, especially the power of compounding that will contribute to the acceleration. This will be by far the greatest disruption mankind has ever seen. Greatly lowering the cost of research and development while accelerating progress of research isn't even on most people's radar and this will be the equivalent of a thermonuclear explosion of knowledge and progress. The "Great Acceleration" is upon us and picking up speed.

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