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Thread: Micro Robots/Machines the Next Frontier Nanotech sector

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    Micro Robots/Machines the Next Frontier Nanotech sector

    Micro robotics/machines will be the next frontier for the semi/nanotech sector. The combination of mems, sensors, power sources, computational, measurement and other nanotech functions all in a SOC will open new frontiers. These robots will act in everytng from individually to swarms. Micro surgery will probably be one of the first applications when combined with advanced imaging which can spot problems so small a human radiologist cannot even seen them as in the case with early Alzheimer's plaques. As with anything the semi/nanotech industry touches, the prices will drop dramatically as the functionality increases at an inverse rate. The uses of these will start out with a few specialized uses and balloon into a whole new major industry. The diverse foundries like TSM in combination with suppliers like AMAT will have early mover advantage with their broad skill set. The big breakthrough needed will be in how to get power to these micro robots. For surgery the first of these will be tethered to power. Imagine surgery with the incision is measured in nanometers compared to today. Even hundreds and thousands of nanometers would be a small incision compared to today. Exploratory surgery and biopsies will probably be the first areas these micro robots will be used in medical. This will be just one of many frontiers for micro robots to conquer.

    Other uses of micro robots will be in micro labs where like anything the semi/nanotech industry touches, it will drive down the costs and increase functionality at an accelerating rate, even further accelerating knowledge accumulation across the human endeavor. In short, micro robots will become a major product of the semi/nanotech industry with an almost unlimited range of uses. This will become a hotly contested market bringing together an ever wider range of skill sets and uses.

    I just got off the phone with a top scientist who worked in powering mems in medical and there will be no need for a tether for power, it can easily be done wirelessly and safely with off the shelf technology, although far smaller.

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