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Thread: Mentor Graphics patents win over Synopsys affirmed by U.S. appeals court

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    Mentor Graphics patents win over Synopsys affirmed by U.S. appeals court

    Meanwhile back at the dog food bowl Cadence is stealing market share left and right....

    A lower court ruling and permanent injunction prohibiting sale of infringing items is upheld in Mentor Graphics' favor in its case against Synopsys pertaining to U.S. Patent No. 6,240,376 (emulation technology). Prior award of $36M upheld with additional damages granted for pursuit for willful infringement. Also, a patent involving emulator clock timing (U.S. Patent No. 6,947,882) is reinstated and further claims of infringement (U.S. Patent Nos. 5,649,176 and 6,009,531) are pending against Synopsys also involving emulation technology.

    "Of course, we are very pleased with this ruling," said Tom Evans, corporate intellectual property counsel for Mentor Graphics. "After the $36 million award by the District Court, we requested a hearing to determine further damages for infringing sales made after the close of discovery up through the injunction. Not only does the confirmation of the injunction and lost profits award vindicate our pursuit of this case, but it is informative of the scale of enhanced damages we might still obtain for infringement occurring after Synopsys knowingly terminated a license to the '376 patent by acquiring EVE, and for post-verdict activity characterized as willful illegal activity by the District Court. The reinstatement of the '882 patent also allows us to seek an injunction against the clocking arrangement employed by Synopsys' emulators, which could prevent Synopsys from selling or replacing any system boards that employ Mentor's patented clocking technology."

    Federal Appeals Court Unanimously Affirms Mentor Graphics Patents Victory

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    Of course due to their acquisition there will be no MENT share price bump on this news. It's interesting to see how long the emulation legal wars have carried on. I remember there was litigation over emulation when I was at Mentor back in 1998.

    The treble damages in this ruling are going to smart.

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    The ones getting the richest are the attorneys, on both sides of this patent dispute, the same way that most patent disputes go in EDA.

    I keep hearing that Cadence has an Emulator advantage at the moment, so the market share tug of war continues between the giants in EDA.

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