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Thread: Mems Critical to Foundries Success and Our Own

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    Mems Critical to Foundries Success and Our Own

    Mems are the next evolution of semi fabs to stay competitive for they will become critical in spreading the cost of equipment, human resources and IP over a much broader base and also smooth out the business cycle. Mems of all types are still in their infancy and will increasingly extend the market for semis themselves as most will be incorporated with semis in SOC's of ever increasingly complexity and utility. Morris Chang fully understood the ramifications and impact of MEMs when he stated they were one of the greatest opportunities ahead of us. All this means is that the semi/nanotech sector is still in its early stages and not as mature as many think. Many financial and business analysts have totally failed to take this trend into account when considering the growth opportunities of this trend. It will also require a much broader knowledge base as MEMS/SOCs will permeate almost everything we come in contact with from smart switches, to labs on a chip to converting us to bionic people not only for medical reasons, but to increase our capabilities in almost everything. This will give us the power to modify ourselves, just like we modify almost everything we come in contact with for better performance and versatility. These present opportunities so large even companies the size of Samsung and TSM could easily double. These devices will also feed the "Great Acceleration" as they greatly accelerate research by dramatically lowering the cost, which will also feed on itself. The semi/nanotech revolution is still in its early stages and presents the opportunity of geometric growth, just as it has done in computing power. We are on the cusp of the greatest revolution in mankind as the cost and versatility of the tools we currently use are changed from a linear growth pattern to a geometric and maybe even a logarithmic in the future. This is something we haven't experienced on a broad scale before, but its already shown its coming. Never have we been faced with so many opportunities on such a broad scale, embrace the trend that has limitless opportunity of a scale of disruption that we have never seen before and all in conjunction with AI/ML.

    This is a tectonic shift that most in finance, government, industry and individual are missing and not only missing it, but not putting themselves in a position to benefit from it.

    Thoughts, comments and especially additions solicited and welcome. An active forum is something to truly benefit from.

    Below is an example of vertical integration that will be sweeping the tech industry. This is why the foundry model is the only way to survive for it extends efficiency and spreads costs. It's either the foundry model or vertical integration or both. You can't ignore the laws of economics, change them, but not ignore them, no matter what you do.

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