Moving AI/ML closer to edge requires lowering the power consumption and Syntiant has accomplished this by moving memory and computational power close together on the same chip. They do this by performing neural networks tasks in flash memory. This is set up more like analog chips by ADI. Syntiant is headed up by executives by Broadcom who it looks like have developed breakthrough chip architectures that should have a dramatic impact of edge computing and possible change the structure of IOT completely. With the whole semi industry changing at an ever accelerating rate, I predict we will see an ever larger changes in technologies, architectures and software with ever more options and choices with each passing day. This is just the beginning of what will be a literal flood of changes in everything that also increases the rate of change in everything in everything in the world around us. These changes will involve wearables, medical, transportation, education, R&D, work to the point the world as we know it will change ever faster requiring all to have a whole new mindset or be rendered obsolete and irrelevant. This is but one small step towards Automata in my opinion and any other thoughts or comments would be appreciated.