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Thread: Memory Changing Everything in Transportation

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    Memory Changing Everything in Transportation

    With the cost of memory of all types coming down, it's changing everything in transportation of every type, land, sea and air. Soon, almost every type of transportation will have its full history in memory, having an impact on how it is used, who uses it, maintenance, performance and a full record of every action in its history. If this is hooked up to 5G, this could even have staggering social implications for both the good guys and bad guys. Advanced memory like Crossbar and 3dXpoint will be critical in automous use of all transportation, along with a whole host of semis and MEMS. This trend is already taking place even at sea and in the air also with satellite tracking of just about everything. Soon, transportation of almost every type of will have transponders as most ships and planes already have. We will literally have a mobile address and location system real time. The technological, social and government implications of this are staggering as will be the technology infastructure that supports it. It could greatly improve traffic on land, sea and air through better utilization, especially here in Silicon Valley. It might also relegate transportation without it to second class status such as sitting in endless traffic jams if you don't have it. This will be available as standard equipment and an add on for older transportation. Imagine buying something, not just transport, and being able to link with and know its entire history including use, maintenance and full history. All this is going to change every facet of transportation including making much of it autonomous, changing safety, efficiency, maintenance, sale, resale, insurance and legal/law enforcement issues. We are going to enter a "Brave New World".

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