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Thread: Medical Greatest Opportunity for Tech Sector

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    Medical Greatest Opportunity for Tech Sector Right Now

    Medical which in the US consumes close to 20% and growing fast of our entire GDP represents the greatest opportunity to apply the FBC (Faster, Better, Cheaper) factor that it has brought to so many industries. The semi sector could be one of the largest beneficiaries of this trend from direct body applications to robotics to Big Data. Corruption and special interests by the incumbents in the medical industry are the only things preventing this from happening. Even social media has a role in giving transparency to the corruption that likes to hide in the dark. It's way past time for an Amazon style disruption before medical collapses the US and damages the world economy. The Pentagon has ruled debt is the greatest threat to the US and medical is the greatest contributor to the debt by far. It's sad in the current argument going on over medical, no one is pushing the ability of the semi/tech sector to radically reduce costs in almost anything it touches (this fully demonstrates the power of corruption). This is by far the groreatest opportunity for the semi sector with its broad and deep experience in semis and nanotechnology that has literally thousands of applications and opportunities. Throw big data and communications mixed with AI/ML with robotics and the opportunities are mind boggling. We need Amazon style disruption on a massive scale in every area of medical, from the home to the hospital and operating room. The penalties for not dealing with this are beyond staggering in the damage that can and will be done if we don't act. Massive Disruption isn't an option, it's literally a quality of life, life and death necessity. What the government has been doing to handle this situation is to repeatedly do the same failing actions over, over and over again, expecting a different result. This is the ultimate definition of insanity. It's time to get rid of the people that have grossly mismanaged medical, they have had their chance, and replace them with people that have a long, proven record of increasing performance, while lowering costs. The semi/tech sector has a long proven record of doing this.

    PS It's sad the US ranks 37th in quality of medical with by a staggering margin, the highest costs. Why do we not hear a uproar by everyone about lowering costs rather than let's throw ever more money into a bonfire of waste, inefficiency and corruption by a culture that wants to literally be honored for creating the mess we have now. If the US continues to surrender leadership to others, the results will become even more catastrophic over time as our ability to compete in anything will have any cost advantage drained away by a corrupt medical establishment that is totally out of control.

    This is the time to act, when everyone is looking for an answer/answers to this horrendous mess that so impacts everyone's life in this country and will around the world with extending lifespans.

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