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Thread: The Mary Meeker Internet Trends Report 2017

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    The Mary Meeker Internet Trends Report 2017

    This is a 350+ page annual report that is worth reading. Mary is now a VC but was a long time Wall Street Securities analyst famous for her internet and new technology coverage. Now she is a partner at Kleiner Perkins Caulfield & Byers.

    The Mary Meeker Internet Trends Report 2017-mary-meeker.jpg


    1) Global Internet Trends = Solid…Slowing Smartphone Growth 4-9

    2) Online Advertising (+ Commerce) = Increasingly Measurable + Actionable 10-79

    3) Interactive Games = Motherlode of Tech Product Innovation + Modern Learning 80-150

    4) Media = Distribution Disruption @ Torrid Pace 151-177

    5) The Cloud = Accelerating Change Across Enterprises 178-192

    6) China Internet = Golden Age of Entertainment + Transportation 193-231(Provided by Hillhouse Capital)

    7) India Internet = Competition Continues to Intensify…Consumers Winning 232-287

    8) Healthcare @ Digital Inflection Point 288-319

    9) Global Public / Private Internet Companies… 320-333

    10) Some Macro Thoughts… 334-351

    and some closing thoughts…

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    Now available in print or Kindle: "Mobile Unleashed: The Origin and Evolution of ARM Processors In Our Devices"

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    Thanks. I haven't read the whole thing but parts of it.

    At the least corporations like Google and Amazon set benchmarks. At the most they're not just corporations but mega-corporations that act like governments and as a side effect homogenize the world.

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