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Thread: Managing Specialized AI/ML the Skill Set of the Future

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    Managing Specialized AI/ML the Skill Set of the Future

    As raw technology goes obsolete at an ever increasing rate, the skill set of the future will be managing AI/ML in your field. Already AI/ML is already in the process of doing raw research and this capability will only increase as improving robotics allow AI/ML to increase the amount of raw research that can be done dramatically.
    We are entering a world where as we have already seen, everything goes obsolete or cost ineffective at an ever increasing rate. In most cases government and industry regulation controlled by the entrenched powers are using everything in their power to slow down this process for their own benefit at a cost to everyone else. Education and construction(I hold three contractor's licenses) are two glaring examples of where special interests have held progress back significantly at great cost in time, money, efficiency and performance. Creating technology is no longer enough, when we create new technology or products it will be necessary to develop a life and implementation cycle from creating to eventual recycling of the knowledge and/or materials when done so they aren't wasted or lost.

    We are entering a brave new world and a whole different mind set from creation to use to decommissioning is going to be required from an educational, social, environmental and business impact basis. No longer should we blindly create without considering the entire life cycle and it's impact on the world around it. This is especially important for the tech sector that is leading the way.

    Soon, dramatic increases in lifespan for many brought about by a variety of technologies are set to upset many of our social and financial models in more ways than we can imagine. Dealt with properly, this will create a better world, not dealt with properly could lead to social, economic and even environmental disruption to the point of destruction of the world as we know and comprehend it. This is but one issue of many to be brought on by new technologies.

    The days of creating new technologies and products without planning for their integration is going to have to come to an end as the world becomes for more interrelated, complex and ever more connected physically and virtually. Integrating what we create into the world around us will become a skill set so important, it cannot any longer be left to chance.

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