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Thread: Managing the Massive Impact of Technologies, $100 Ultrasound Example

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    Managing the Massive Impact of Technologies, $100 Ultrasound Example

    It now looks possible to that a continuous ultrasound using a smart phone for processing and communication is now possible. This is but one of a flood of medical devices come out of the materials/semi/nanotech industry. Using the smart phone in conjunction with the cloud is already starting a flood of change in almost everything in the world around us and this is just the start. Dramatically lowering the cost of numerous monitoring methods using sound/vibration, vision, smell backed up by AI/ML in the cloud is going to change everything. Already numerous attachments to a smart phones are available, improving at an accelerating rate and dropping in price at rates previously thought unimaginable. The impact of the semi/nanotech/materials industry on the world and the economy should not be underestimated in size, scope, depth, amount of change, speed of change and economic impact. This technological wave is increasing options and opportunities in every field, while creating whole new industries and services. With 300,000 researchers in AI/ML and more being added all the time, most don't even have a clue how much change we are in for in EVERYTHING. Just using this technological wave to its benefit and avoiding the numerous economic/social/political dangers will require as much or more skills than creating it. A one hundred dollar ultrasound can have numerous high impact uses beyond medical in humans and is just the very tip of the "Great Acceleration" which will take as much skill, imagination and luck as it takes to create this massive wave of technology. What we have reached is a point where the impact is compounding upon itself at an ever increasing rate, literally giving us the equivalent of a nuclear explosion of new knowledge. Compounding is one of the greatest forces in the universe and with the application of a range of new technologies we are now seeing it reach critical mass. The big question is do we have the wisdom and fortitude to handle a literally explosive rate of change mankind has never seen before?

    Band-Aid-sized ultrasound device could cost as little as $100

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    It is not always high tech:
    How a shampoo bottle is saving young lives - Health care

    Change arises from creativity. Tech just adds a few extra tools.

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    I think you are implying that algorithms are going to replace physician interpretation of
    ultra sound results. I do not think that is true. My insurance company pays $87 for
    my routine uninterpreted except for obvious serious problems EKG. My Echo Cardiogram
    is expensive because people need to adjust the measurements for my particular anatomy,
    and there is disagreement how to interpret it. I have a rare (HOCM) heart problem that
    has been fixed by reducing flow rate through my Myocardial valve. My Echo Cardiagrams
    were totally mis-diagnosed until I found HCM specialists. Here is an article from a SF
    surgeon arguing autonomous robotic surgery is a bad idea.

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