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Thread: Leverage, Compounding, Semi/Nanotech Acclerating Change

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    Leverage, Compounding, Semi/Nanotech Acclerating Change

    Semi/Nanotechnology have vastly increased the rate of accelerating change by applying massive leverage and compounding. Enabling AI/ML is about to advance the "Great Acceleration" at a rate considered unimaginable to many even right now. The increase in wafer size and technology combined shrinkage in die size and the time between generations has vastly increased the level and speed of the disruption of everything. This has given us the inverse of a weapon of mass destruction, it has given us a literal explosion of acceleration of progress of anything it touches. It has brought tremendous progress, but has accelerated obsolescence of everything from equipment, knowledge, corporate structure to even social norms at a rate few organizations, societies and even individuals are able to cope with. Those countries, organizations, companies and individuals that devise ways and methods of dealing with it will advance at a rate that was imaginable just a few years ago with Apple, Facebook, Amazon, Alibaba, TSM and others being examples of disruptive change at an accelerating rate. This also applies to the disruption of wealth with both the rapid decline and rise of companies, organizations and individuals on both sides of this equation. Every organization and individual is going to have to rethink how to cope and grow with this "Great Acceleration" or suffer dire consequences, or the opportunity to grow at a rate that was considered unimaginable just a few years ago. To not have a strategy to deal with the "Great Acceleration" should not even be an option and if an organization or individual doesn't think this applies to them, just look around. The only people and organizations that will be exempt from this will be through corruption and hurting others. Even the protection of government for refusal to participate as we see everyday will only last so long. Governments that don't embrace and truly participate will be the first to suffer. With automation, robotics, AI, ML there is not a single area or field that can't be that can't be leveraged dramatically, except maybe the world's oldest profession. Below is but one example of many all around us. The "Great Acceleration" is here, embrace it and use it to your benefit.

    This Startup Is Luring Top Talent With $3 Million Pay Packages - Bloomberg

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