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Thread: Latest iPhone to Break Thousand Dollar Barrier

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    Latest iPhone to Break Thousand Dollar Barrier

    With the latest iPhone breaking the thousand dollar barrier, it will be interesting to see how the market reacts. Also I wonder how fast the cost of this technology will drop. What will this same technology cost in constant dollar terms in three years? How soon before we see AI in a phone or as a cloud service integrated into a cell phone plan? The social and economic ramifications of technology must now be taken into account from the inception and planned for as much as possible for unfettered power with no controls have the potential to be very dangerous in their own right.

    The Price of Apple's 10th Anniversary 'iPhone 8' Could Break the $1,000 Barrier | MacTrast

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    So we've gone from "source with knowledge of Appleā€™s plans" (like anyone except three execs at Apple knows what is planned for the price) to "should be treated as a rumor" to definite statement of truth --- and in only three hops. Throw in the obligatory deliberate confusion between the cost of the highest end model and the lowest end model, and, voila, manufactured outrage over absolutely nothing...

    Oh, brave new Internet, that has such people in 't!

    Want to get really indignant? Why not throw a fit over the cost of the new Xeon E7?

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