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Thread: Khan Acadamy, Semi Technology, Keys to the Future

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    Khan Acadamy, Semi Technology, Keys to the Future

    Salman Khan is one of the people I admire most. I feel the key to the future is freely available 24/7/365 education and now more than ever semis have made this possible and will even extend its reach even farther as technology advances. Sal Khan has done this by leveraging the ecosystem that semis have created. I can see in the future where even lab work can be done remotely, either by robotics done cheaply on MEMS based labs or by virtual reality. Marc Beinhoff and the Trailhead program are another example of free, high quality education and this program has a good job attached. As the semi world advances, this will greatly increase the quality, timeliness(this is key for much knowledge has the shelf life of fruit as it goes obsolete), speed, relevance while at the same time constantly lowering the cost. The phone, tablet, laptop and connected smart TV will be a significant part of the education of the future.

    I feel strongly about this for low cost, widely available, constantly updated education is the key to the future. In my travels I have found only an intelligent people can make intelligent decisions, from national elections to personal decisions. This extends from ones self with diet, personal relationships to the social and political structure around them. Semis and semi technologies (MtM) will be instrumental in making this happen and making the world a better place. Everyone from a three years old on(an armored tablet with intelligence building games) should have access to high quality, low cost relevant education/training. Companies should embrace apprenticeships and internships combined with structured On the Job Training as a key to make sure everyone has the chance to reach their full potential. Semis, semi technology and people like Sal Khan and Mark Beinhoff will be key to making this happen. We must also put an emphasis on teaching intelligence over information that has a short shelf life, while intelligence last a lifetime.

    Trailhead | The fun way to learn Salesforce

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