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Thread: IP, Intellect Management and AI/ML Intface Strategies Key

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    IP, Intellect Management and AI/ML Intface Strategies Key

    The "Great Acceleration" is here and requires a whole new IP, intellect development, AI/ML interface and the
    training strategies as the foundation to any company to excel in an ever faster changing business and social environment we live and work in. Combined with near instantaneous and almost free communications layered on top of this we have entered a brave new world. It will be the ability to use the tools to process knowledge will become fare more important than the base information itself for this is rapidly becoming to broad and changing to fast to memorize, let alone learn the intricacies. Like Einstein said about don't memorize what you can look up. Now this will evolve into not only don't memorize what you can look up, but don't learn what you can have a program or an AI/ML interface do for you. This will require radical changes in how research, development, production, distribution and support are done. Google changed search, AWS changed computer management/power and the internet changed communications. Using the cloud and cloud services will become a skill set in itself. We will be no longer to learn knowledge even close to a rate at it is being produced now and this will only pick up speed dramatically.

    It will be the individuals, companies, organizations and governments (Estonia) that adapt to this future that will deliver the most benefits to all. Right now educational systems, corporate structures, organizations, governments and individuals can only be ranked by their degrees of obsolescence. Information, intellect and AI/ML management models that change more rapidly than our accumulation of raw knowledge will be needed. All the systems we have now are becoming obsolete at an alarming and dangerous rate. With weapons of mass destruction coming in ever greater variety and forms, some we don't even know about, this isn't just about money but survival. The fast moving mindset and structure of the SemiWiki community I know is one of the best places to start using the power of the crowd to reach not only solutions to challenges, but move us forward. The semi sector is becoming broader and deeper as it is becoming more about nanotechnology that touches every aspect of the environment we live in. The "Great Acceleration" is here and is only picking up speed. It's a new world that no one has ever seen before and we must learn how to work with it.

    Those that don't keep up or refuse to change will only exist by having others pay for their refusal to adapt and this is a large downside. The upside to this is that problems and challenges are far more easily solved at a far faster rate. The skill set of the future is how to interface with the world around you and teach others to do the same.

    This is the place for solutions to be created for the semi sector has been the main driver creating this environment and will by its very nature, be able to provide the solutions.

    Key also is that only an intelligent population can make intelligent decisions. As evidence of our government finances, we do not have an intelligent population. This is also why up to date education and training are so important.

    Comments, thoughts and solutions solicited and wanted.

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