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Thread: International/Solar System Patents and Copyrights Needed to Avoid War

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    International/Solar System Patents and Copyrights Needed to Avoid War

    As the technology of all types from sophisticated container ships to the infrastructure of modern communications advances at an ever increasing rate, the old system of territorial patents and copyrights has become outdated not only in regards to geography, but a very set of structure, rules, enforcement mechanisms and massive expense that has created an expensive, time consuming mess that is holding back progress more than it is protecting or nurturing it. Technology has changed everything and the protection, utilization, licensing of intellectual property has to be brought up to date with the massive changes in literally everything in how the modern world is put together.

    What is set up will have to be like a living entity that adapts and changes to technologies and software that we haven't even imagined. AI/ML will open doors and worlds in this area that we haven't even imagined and aren't prepared for. What happens when AI/ML starts inventing new things and writing new software. Will the maker or the owner both have interests in what it produces and if not who will have what portions of the product or services produced. This will become a very critical part of the advances the "Great Acceleration" is now producing on a daily basis in literally everything we touch, use and even socialize with. Even education in specialized areas may no longer be owned by the student, but licensed content.

    If not handled properly, these issues could easily take us into trade wars and even military wars as we continue to enter new worlds(literally with the colonization of Mars and the moon in the not to distant future) technology is taking us to on literally a daily basis. What about technology currently be developed on the International Space Station? Good boundaries make good neighbors and benefit all.

    I feel the SemiWiki community is the ideal place to start this discussion that will so impact the future for if any community is on the cutting edge, it is the SemiWiki community. IP of all types is now the world's greatest asset that by it's very nature has a half life that requires a whole different mind set and set of rules by its very nature. This makes it the life blood very heart and soul of what makes the very nature of the SemiWiki community. No where else in the pace, size, scope and impact greater than in the semi/mems/sensor/mems/nanotech community, making this the ideal place to work on new ecosystems to handle it. Comments, thoughts and ideas solicited and wanted. Let's take the next steps to a larger, bolder future.

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