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Thread: Intel Releases Neuromorphic Chip at CES

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    Intel Releases Neuromorphic Chip at CES

    Intel is in a race to stay relevant with a chip that works by reproducing how the human brain works with neural networks. They also announced a new quantum chip at the CES that is to be on a par with the IBM 50 qubit chip from IBM. I wish both these companies success for the more competition there is the better, for it will drive down cost and increase availability in these two areas which represent a path to the future. The wider and broader the technology revolution the better for everyone, concentration and wealth and power rarely are broadly beneficial. The less losers and the more winners a society has the better.

    This is just another step in the race for AI/ML that is accelerating at an ever increasing rate along with the programing to support it. This is the greatest race of any type in the history of man with ramifications and results that will stun and surprise us all. I just hope the surprises are pleasant for if mishandled could become the ultimate nightmare for many. My main concern is that AI could greatly concentrate wealth, power and control instead of advancing the well being of all. Great power requires great wisdom and this will be the greatest power of all.

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    Interesting. I looked around and can't find much substance beyond the usual marketing hype, other than it seems to be based on an RNN. Anyone else able to find more detail?

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    My best guess is it implements the memory cells used in RNNs in silicon. There are many other chip startups doing similar things, but competition is good.

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