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Thread: Intel, Mobileye, Delphi Developing Self Learning Autonomous Driving

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    Intel, Mobileye, Delphi Developing Self Learning Autonomous Driving

    Mobileye, Intel and Delphi have all joined forces and are developing a self programing/learning autonomous driving system that learns on its own. Not a lot of details yet, but this system if completed will be pushing the boundaries of semi/mems/sensor technology in many, many areas. I have no doubt this will be built on a pyramid of technologies provided by many, many companies. Just this structure would be an interesting chart to see. If this system works the very same technology could literally change everything from robotics to automation to drones and other areas. Three serious companies coming together like this with their incumbent ecosystems are to important to be ignored. This could be a game changer across many industries.

    Intel joins Mobileye and Delphi on self-driving car system | TechCrunch

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