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Thread: Huawei Plans to be 1 of 5 World Dominent Clouds(Super Powers)

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    Huawei Plans to be 1 of 5 World Dominent Clouds(Super Powers)

    This goes hand in hand with their new mobile NPU chip. They are thinking several steps ahead, but I'm sure others are to. To be a technological super power, having a dominant cloud will be a key part of an ecosystem that goes from being a product to being a necessity, which is what any dominating power aspires to on a world scale. The cloud is rapidly becoming the foundation of modern life in almost everything we touch from work to transportation to just everyday living and Huawei wants to be on of the world's five super powers. Google, Amazon, Apple, Alibaba and Tencent now holding the top five spots doesn't leave much room for Huawei.

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