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Thread: Has Anyone experience with the Intel Optane 3dXpoint Memory?

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    Has Anyone experience with the Intel Optane 3dXpoint Memory?

    I was wondering if anyone has actually taken delivery and has in use any of the 3dXpoint memory products and what they think of the product. Is Intel having production problems or just yield problems. I haven't been able to find any definitive answers on what's going on with 3dXpoint products.

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    Charlie Demerjian over at SemiAccurate has quite a bit to say about it.

    Sounds to me like there is a big durability problem. It's not a production or yield problem, it's a problem with the underlying technology. Lets say you promise something with 10x performance, then deliver something with 3x performance, but then it has 1/4 the durability it's supposed to have, so you have to add that much more memory to compensate for bad sectors, where does that leave your product? It's garbage.

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    By searching "3D Xpoint" or "Optane SSD DC P4800X" (Intel's 375GB 3D Xpoint SSD announced in March 2017) there is no product available from retail outlets on Google Shopping, Amazon, Newegg, and CDW. It's totally silent.

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    The whole PCM saga, and the HP Memristor attempt and others, show just how difficult it is to make a real memory in these sorts of technologies.

    I'm very doubtful.

    Do you remember those stories from 2010 about the PCM memory "found" in some Samsung phones?

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    HP Memristor silicon is not just a memory type and when utilized would create new applications.

    Memristor can do multistate processing as well as nonvolatile memory |

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