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Thread: Great Danger in High Speed Cost Reduction by Semi/Nanotech Sector

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    Great Danger in High Speed Cost Reduction by Semi/Nanotech Sector

    Constant cost reduction has been the greatest driver of tech and it's accelerating by feeding on itself. This has speeded up technology in literally everything we touch and do. The Semi/Nanotech sector has driven cost reduction to a rate deemed unimaginable just a few generations ago. It is changing literally everything we touch and it's about to accelerate again to a speed that will bring not only opportunity, but a whole host of problems if not handled right. It will change the economics of ownership to the point that it won't pay for organizations to own things due to them becoming uneconomic and useless due to rapidly changing technologies and cost reduction. Traditional ownership of not only things, but knowledge, skills and social/economic structures will have to change to rapid economic, application and social obsolescence. This is a factor that has destroyed many social/economic structures with a speed even unmatched by war(tech is even changing every aspect of war). Companies, political/social structures and individuals will all have to take the "Great Acceleration" into account or risk obsolescence and self destruction through utter irrelevance. AI/ML/AR/VR are all about to accelerate this process to a speed most can't even imagine and cope with. Managing the "Great Acceleration" will become a skill set in itself and will require people in political/commercial structures to cope with it and it will also have to become a key part of any educational/training program. Not planning for this will lead to dangers we haven't ever imagined or prepared for.

    New ownership/use models will have to be developed that allow for the maximum utilization before obsolescence for the benefit of the creators and users. This will include not only products, but use of IP and skill sets. This is something I have to take into account as a trader/investor. One example of this is a cell phone going through multiple owners under carrier plans that allow owners to have the latest cell phone every year and each owner getting a generation they can afford and fits their needs. This example shows embracing constant change instead of fearing it, can be beneficial for all involved.

    I have no doubt Silicon Valley culture can guide this trend in a beneficial way for all if it sets its collective mind to it as some have already done. We have to avoid creating a class of losers for then no one will truly win. I feel if handled properly and with wisdom, AI/ML could be the new dawn in the history of mankind and looks to be handled not by religious figures, generals or politicians, but people dedicated to science and knowledge. Never has anyone had so much power and potential in their hands.

    Comments, thoughts and additions by the community to this solicited and appreciated.

    Below is just one example of tech about to radically change the everyday electric motor. The article doesn't mention it, but the changes to the lowly electric motor are about to come at a fast and furious rate due to the combination of quickly advancing technology combined with a significant increase in cost reductions.

    What's So Great About Brushless Motor Power Tools? - Tools With Brusless Motors

    Below is an another example of this changing the customer relationship

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    Flash demo of the high-torque electric motor in WheelTug - Wikipedia


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