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Thread: Great Comparison on Futue of 5G, FIOS and Wired Access

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    Great Comparison on Futue of 5G, FIOS and Wired Access

    This is one of the best analysis of the coming changes 5G will bring and with it numerous challenges and changes in the semi industry. It looks like 5G small cell may be the ultimate game changer, finally freeing even our homes and us from being wired. It will be interesting to see how this evolution plays out. I think I will start investing in the cell tower industry due to cost and flexibility. It will also be interesting to see the changes to high end IOT this could change. Comments, thoughts and observations wanted on this trend. I find the author of this article has done an excellent job and it will be interesting to see others takes on this.

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    I wonder about Bennet's assertion that 15 mbps is "enough". The consensus seems to be that IoT will drive data growth far in excess of the ability of 5G tech to support it, thus the assumption that edge and FOG architectures have to be capable of handling the massive data requirements locally. Jeff Welser of IBM research at the HPC Stanford Council earlier this year stated that their studies of the last 10 years show a 2X growth of data over bandwidth. Isn't the real headline with 5G "too little, too late"?

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