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Thread: Google looks to 49 Qubit Computer in a year Possibly

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    Google looks to 49 Qubit Computer in a year Possibly

    Google research feels they can bring a 49 qubit computer in as little a year according to Harmut Neven head of Googles quantum computer effort. It at this point where a quantum computer will surpass any standard computer. If this comes to pass, we could be looking at an entirely different world of dramatically more powerful super computers in as little as a few years. It will be interesting to see if Opatalysys with their optical computer gives us another option in a future beyond todays standard super computers. The "Great Acceleration" is definitely taking hold on numerous fronts across a whole range of technologies simultaneously. The social changes will be as challenging as the technical changes and if not handled properly could yield to problems and conflict across society the likes of which man has never faced before.

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    You can already play about with a quantum computer with just your browser and this one should be going to 50 bits soon IBM boasts.

    Note it is hard to program, I wonder whats going to happen to RSA, Bitcoin etc.

    IBM Quantum Experience

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    RSA is toast if they use it to successfully factor.

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