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Thread: Google Automating AI/ML Design, The beginnig of Automation of Everything

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    Google Automating AI/ML Design, The beginnig of Automation of Everything

    Man has finally passed a milestone when AI/ML learns new methods and architectures on its own. We have already seen AI/ML advancements go from a linear to exponential growth rate and with the dramatically increasing quantity and power of computers we will soon see it go to a logarithmic rate that only a machine can achieve. We are literally looking at a nuclear explosion of learning capabilities of man made devices. Already in area after area of mental challenges machines are beating the best experts at their own game and this is starting to spread at an increasing rate. With hundreds of projects in this area, the rate of advances will take most people by surprise. This is going to cause a massive wave of social, political and economic disruption on a scale mankind has never encountered before in size, speed or scope. It is past time to get a strategy to deal with this disruption in way that is the most beneficial to all, for otherwise like any great power, the damage could exceed the benefit for a very long period of adjustment. I feel the SemiWiki community is a good place to start due to our proximity and knowledge of what's involved. I have already noticed how it is increasingly changing the field of finance that I work in. Power without wisdom is dangerous and knowledge is the ultimate power. Thoughts, comments, speculation and ideas on this actively solicited and wanted.

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