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Thread: Genieric AI/ML from Microsoft & Google World Changer

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    Generic AI/ML from Microsoft & Google World Changer

    AI is set to have far broader adoption thanks to Microsoft( and Google(Cloud AutoML) set up so designers don't have won't have to learn the complexities of AI/ML to infuse it in the projects. Putting this out for general use in the cloud should speed up the implementation and penetration of AI/ML significantly. Combined with advancing 3D printing applications in everything from metals/composites to bio materials we will be looking at a revolution in almost everything. Combined with construction robotics/3d printing it will even change our concept and cost of infrastructure dramatically which the US and most of the world desperately need. The AI/ML/Automation revolution is just starting to become an integrated ecosystem that will change everything from medical, education, construction and everything else. We are about to see the greatest changes in history and our ability to adapt will be the greatest stumbling block to overcome.

    Addition: In these times of market volatility bare in mind we are about to enter the greatest period in the history of mankind of AI/ML/Automation/Robotics that will advance at a rate considered unimaginable, for those four factors will increase research and therefore the economy at a rate considered unachievable in the very recent past. All the rules of government, social structure, education, work and ownership are about to change dramatically.

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