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Thread: The Future, Devices a Gateway to Services/Relationship

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    The Future, Devices a Gateway to Services/Relationship

    It's already happening, the money is in the services/relationship in everything from phones to jet engines(the makers make more from maintenance, parts, monitoring). Devices are already the gateway with Amazon, Google, Apple, GE, United Technologies and many others not only selling a product, but a relationship that last for years. This is extending software, hardware and databases from products to services that can last for years and even a lifetime. This would be a valuable lesson for cable TV to learn. Even soft areas like real estate sales and builders of buildings and just about anything will have to make the change and make the initial purchase into a relationship. The same will even hold true for education and training companies/organizations. These foundations will rest on a base built on semis/nanotech in ways that most in the industry haven't even imagined. It's offers an increase in efficient use of time and resources that's so dramatic that those that don't adapt will be doomed to extinction. TSMC is even an example of this in building relationships with their customers by aggregating partnerships to better serve their customers from their equipment suppliers like AMAT to EDA firms. The very structure of business is changing and those that don't adapt will go extinct. Xerox is but one example of a series of horrible failures built great products like the mouse, GUI, communications on twisted pair standard 10baseT and numerous other innovations that others like Apple and Microsoft capitalized on.

    Xiaomi Is More Like Facebook Than Apple - Bloomberg

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