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Thread: Free, The Dark Side of Tech

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    Free, The Dark Side of Tech

    Anyone who believes they receive free anything should give it very careful thought and think otherwise. Many of the services and so called information that is available is having a higher and higher price to it that is not disclosed at all in many cases and when it is, it is in contracts so complex no one reads them. First it was used to give you information on services you requested or where specifically targeted at your interests, but increasingly we are discovering it can have a dark side most don't fully comprehend. With more and more inputs we don't control such as public cameras and data gathering pervasive in almost every interaction we engage in becoming increasingly intrusive as even our cars are increasing gathering more data about us and Google earth is now the eye in the sky that can monitor large populations in ways we haven't even dreamed of.

    Update: Apple just ran a commercial about their superior privacy that ended with the Apple logo with an open padlock latch that snaps shut. Hopefully other companies will follow suit.

    When you add AI/ML and massive data storage to this, which as they are experiencing rapid price decay I have previously written about, you have a mix that can easily be abused to the point it could be a threat to our very social structure and society. It is past time that semi/tech tindustry start to give full and clear disclosure to the true price we are paying for so called free services. Right now the disclosure is geared towards gathering wealth for a limited number of companies who handle it in ways most don't understand or comprehend. The dangers this presents haven't been explored adequately and the danger posed in ways even don't understand is increasing at an ever accelerating rate.

    The place to start dealing with this is full, clear and simple disclosure on both sides for even the creators of much of the so called FREE products and services have not fully contemplated the full ramifications of what they are creating. Building technology without vision and purpose is getting increasingly dangerous as the power of technology increases with the "Great Acceleration".

    Bottom line is that the tech environment needs a standardized systems and forms of full disclosure that we can agree or not agree to, maybe set in levels so we don't have to read contracts every time we access a new service. The system as it is set up now is piling up dangers and problems that should have at least been contemplated and given thought to from their inception.

    Technology without thought, morals or vision presents new dangers we haven't even fully contemplated. It is past time the tech industry itself sets up frameworks and parameters to deal with this before we create problems and risks we haven't even contemplated before as being even possible, before a disaster of thermonuclear proportions occurs in our social, societal or governmental structures.

    Update, Platforms are becoming a way of abusing people by calling them independent contractors is a flagrant abuse of the system in which for all intents and purposes they are being taken advantage of in many ways, some most don't even fully understand. Many, many platforms conduct themselves in abusive, even illegal ways, that are impossible for the single person to control or stop. In many foriegn countries, this is even done to highly technical people. Platforms have also become a way of abdicating responsibility for counterfeits, fraud and labor abuse in that they just provide a form of communication under which they have no responsibility to moderate or police. Much of what tech has created is a true free for all devoid of morals, laws and the common good.

    It is a tragedy that so much potential created by intelligent people is really left incomplete to become a true no man's land instead of what could be a new dawn of prosperity, education and a win/win situation for all. Just because you can build something we have learned doesn't mean you have the wisdom or ethics to manage it. This is a true failure, for ultimately it means the project is incomplete and needs to be finished. We must hold those who build something must take at least some responsibility for the results.

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