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Thread: First Super Cyber War Possible

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    First Super Cyber War Possible

    If anyone thinks Taiwan, Japan, South Korea and the US would not unleash a super cyber war against North Korea's financial, trade, communications, monetary and their very limited internet hasn't been thinking. This would be the first war to see cyber war on an unheard of massive scale. This will be a huge learning experience for the semi and software sectors. Every war has taken useful technologies and advanced them dramatically and if one occurs, this would be no exception. We should expect large changes in the semi, software and communications sector as the world is more connected than ever. This could push our technologies even faster than they are now. This would be the first large scale super cyber war. Unless China helped, North Korea wouldn't stand a chance. Since North Korea has to import much of its tech, cyber mines could already be in their country, as with Iran and Stuxnet. This will have dramatic impact on many industries including semis in particular. To think North Korea might have cyber mines in place must be considered. Major wars have always led to dramatic changes in tech and this would be no exception. We may have the first opportunity to see if a cyber war launched both inside and outside North Korea could play a significant part in bringing them in line and maybe even to their knees.

    This will be a tremendous learning experience for all.

    Japans courts have ruled its legal for them to shoot down missiles launched towards Guam. No one has come forward to support North Korea's latest actions.

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