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Thread: Einstein on Learning Expanded, Change Accelerating

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    Einstein on Learning Expanded, Change Accelerating

    Albert Einstein said "Never memorize something you can look up" and in these modern times should be expanded to never learn something that a program, AI/ML can do for you. Knowledge now has the shelf life of fruit and is also expanding at an exponential rate. This also applies to products whose obsolescence is happening at an ever accelerating rate. All this dramatically reduces the time that knowledge and a product have value in the market place which requires a whole new mind set when it comes to any project or endeavor. For the vast majority of us, even in technical fields, we will end up subscribing to AI/ML services in the near future and that's where our learning will come in. As the knowledge of almost every field accelerates, so does the rate of obsolescence or decline in market value. This requires a whole new way of looking at knowledge and its use. Already thanks to advanced technology, a very small group can leverage their knowledge to a very vast group of people to use geographically, over languages, companies and political systems almost instantaneously and even update it on the fly. Using new methods such as sophisticated specialized search engines to find programs one can function over a range of knowledge they couldn't learn in many lifetimes. How to use knowledge strategically will become as important as the knowledge itself. ROI in time, money and efficiency will become a key part of any skill set that differentiate those that get results and those that don't, just knowing a certain skill set will no longer be enough. The whole concept of how we educate our selves, apply knowledge, build products has to change to deal with the "Great Acceleration" we are seeing in life cycles of every product we touch. Basics, like cars, light sources, phones, medical and communications, indeed everything are changing at an ever accelerating rate that renders social, financial, political, educational and work structures obsolete.

    All of our structures will have to adapt to acceleration of change and those that can achieve the greatest speed of change will win by making the competition continuously obsolete. It's all just basic economics and no one can defy the laws of economics for very long before it catches up and passes them. Speed and efficiency are everything and determine the ultimate value in the market place. Following this trend is how I have been making my living, so this is not just an academic subject for me.

    Strategic management integrating IP, research, training and collaboration will separate the winners from the losers. Relying on just hiring talent will become a smaller and smaller part of the equation in these times of accelerating technology and obsolescence. Strategy in these areas will be key not only in your company, but the partners a company is allied with as even business structures rapidly change. Teaching intelligence and strategy will be key in making this all happen, for only an intelligent people can make intelligent decisions. A number of technologies from vastly different fields are now coming together that will change every aspect of the world and society as we know it. How we manage, train and master the new wave of IP and knowledge this tidal wave of change will determine the quality of our lives and the society we live in.

    Below are two examples of companies that will impact all sectors of our economy in almost every field including semis/nanotech. These companies will be game changers and figuring out the impact of these changes will be my next investment strategy if I can figure who benefits and is publicly traded. I have made market crushing returns using this type of strategy and welcome input. One thing they will enable is the production of complex parts from very, very small(opportunity for semis/mems/nanotech) to very large complex parts at very low cost and time, even in prototype and low production runs.

    Comments, thoughts and divergent views solicited and welcome on this subject.

    Home | Desktop Metal

    High Strength 3D Printing – Markforged

    Any opinions on how these two companies will be disruptors appreciated

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