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Thread: Dear Mr. Xi and Mr. Trump, an open letter

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    Dear Mr. Xi and Mr. Trump, an open letter

    Dear Mr. Xi and Mr. Trump,

    As leaders of the two greatest powers on earth, you are about the set the stage for the birth of the greatest power mankind has ever unleashed, artificial intelligence, that will one day even surpass its creators, man himself. This will be the culmination of a combination of many technologies where great men are standing on a pyramid of great men throughout history. This coming great power and how it is handled are going to be your greatest test of not only your intelligence, but wisdom. We may even see AI become a sentient life form of a type in its own right, presenting a range of opportunities and dangers we have not even dreamed of, all within one lifetime. Just like nuclear weapons, it will proliferate, for there are no secrets in this day and age. Already the early stages of AI/ML are starting to deliver on the promise of a better future. Already machine learning is starting to be a key feature in adaptive education that holds the promise of advancing ourselves at a rate unaided human education could never match, AI will take this to levels we haven't even imagined.

    Both of you have demonstrated that by luck and determination, one can yield great power, now it is time to demonstrate for both of you as representatives of not only countries, but the human race, you have the wisdom to handle an intelligence that may end up being far greater than our own. Both of you have already been given keys to nuclear power that can be used constructively or destructively and are about to set the stage upon which future leaders will have to deal with an even far greater power in not only its usefulness to man, but also its destructive capabilities.

    If ever there was a time for collaboration, this is it. Other leaders and the world are watching, for they know the decisions you are about to make will determine the fate of not just countries, but the human race. It will take not only the best of your skills and those of your team, but the people you must call on for advice and council outside your normal circles, for the decisions of the magnitude to be made will require the council and wisdom of the best minds at your service in a diverse number of areas, technical, economic, business and social. Don't hesitate to have your team access the best minds at their disposal. Patience will be key, for in the time allotted, all you will be able to do is set the stage for the greatest act in the history of man as you have both already demonstrated by getting the process started.

    It is time to establish posts in both countries and international organizations that are dedicated to development of AI, just as we have done with nuclear power, of which I have no doubt AI will eclipse in due time. The collaboration must be world wide and inclusive, for it will require the best efforts of everyone to harness the constructive powers of AI and avoid the dangers. SemiWiki is but one of the large number of forums that must play a part in this for many of its members have played key parts in the complex path to make the possibility of true AI into a reality and careful thought and discussion on how it should be handled. Collaboration and cooperation are key.

    The case of the American and Chinese memory companies is your first very small, but important test, may you both make wise and creative decisions, they will set the stage for the future of a power we won't know the ultimate potential of for a number of years. Starting on the right path will yield tremendous returns in time and resources yielding results that will compound at a rate that is almost unimaginable if implemented and executed properly.

    Arthur W. Hanson

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