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Thread: Cryptomining boom driving massive GPU demand

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    Bad day for Etherium. Here are two posts. In first Etherium coin
    prices falling on internet problems.

    Ethereum drops 15% as increased demand sparks fear of growing pains

    And a story on a flash crash that drove Etherium (temporarily?)
    to $13:

    $13: Ether Prices Plunge in GDAX Exchange Flash Crash - CoinDesk

    This is related to electronics because asynchronous circuits and algorithms are
    problematic. For example, Achronix has abandoned asynchronous clocking in their
    new FPGAs. I think it makes sense that bit coins should trade like stocks not currencies
    because with stocks their are multiple asynchronous exchanges with traders fighting
    to have their computers located nearer to the exchange's computers to reduce latency.

    In mathematics (but not EDA) the logical model behind asynchronous algorithms
    and protocols called temporal logic is not seen as interesting because the definitiion
    of A causes B ends up being: B happens after A.

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    Just wanted to add a few new developments to this post:

    1. NVidia 1070 is the hot new mining card. People have figured out how to overclock/tweak it to provide better performance than AMD cards, in spite of the fact that the ETH algorithm was designed for AMD cards.

    2. NVidia is planning to release mining focused cards over the next few months, which will further improve performance over AMD.

    3. GPU mining profitability has dropped significantly as crypto currency prices have stalled out and competition has increased dramatically. So much so that it's unlikely to be profitable to purchase new GPUs for mining going forward (except maybe the NVidia mining focused GPUs when they come out)

    Now one wonders to what extent AMD's profits have been boosted by cryptomining, because it looks like that party is already winding down as far as AMD is concerned, although it might go on a bit longer for NVidia.

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