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Thread: Creativuty in Semi/Mems Creating Staggering Opportunities

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    Creativity in Semi/Mems Creating Staggering Opportunities

    The link below is about how the Soviets very creatively used a number of technologies combined with creativity to devise a new way of detecting submarines with complete stealth. This isn't so much about technology as about creativity in using technology. This shows that there are literally thousands of new and undiscovered uses of even current technology. It's the creative and outside the box thinkers that are going to create the most value in the future. Companies/organizations that can recruit and interface the creative minds with technological minds will dominate the future. Companies that can create teams that have the skill sets that mix real creativity with engineering/research mindsets will win the game. This will be a difficult task for there are great personality and organizational differences in these two mind sets and mixing them will be an art form and skill set in itself. Managing intelligent, driven people with radically different mind sets and getting them to work together will create employment that not only utilizes AI/ML, but transcends it. If you have any doubts about this, look at the stock prices of key suppliers to the industry

    How the Soviet Union Snooped Waters for Enemy SubsóWithout Sonar

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