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Thread: Consumer Ultrasound $2K, Massive Medical Disruption Coming

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    Consumer Ultrasound $2K, Massive Medical Disruption Coming

    This is but one step in bringing sophisticated medical devices to the consumer. Even at $2K this is expensive, but I see a rental service with the needed cloud and AI attached that could start to radically change our grossly over priced, under performing medical. Sometime in the future I see a self testing station where you could go and give yourself a very comprehensive set of medical tests for a small fraction of the cost of traditional medical with a sophisticated AI interpretation of the results that even some of the best doctors couldn't match. US medical is beyond ready for massive disruption. The business opportunities are to great for Silicon Valley to overlook. Once this disruption starts to take hold, there will be no stopping it. Expect the threatened US medical establishment to fight it every step of the way with fear, uncertainty and doubt. They will use the FUD factor is government regulation and public relations to stop this trend if it gets started and shows signs of gaining traction. This is a massive opportunity for the semi/mems/sensor opportunity to not only change medical in the US, but bring low cost high quality medical to countries that can't afford it. Combined with AI, the current face and slow progress of medical world wide will be changed forever with no going back. Something also to think about is that this also can bring self diagnostics to everything from biological to physical devices. This is a whole new dawn for technologies of all types to take us to.

    Some Factors to Think About: Sound, Weight, Weight Distribution, Color, Thermal Image, Smell, Breath, Hair, Waste, Nail, Skin Chemistry to name just a few. Medical is about to change in ways we haven't even dreamed of.

    Apple and other tech companies with their massive money and political power Can take on US medical with massive cost and under performance. Apple has already worked with Kaiser to advance their position as an early leader in integrating Apple and medical technology in what could be their largest opportunity ever.

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