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Thread: Compounding of Knowledge by Technology/Cloud is Out of Control

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    Compounding of Knowledge by Technology/Cloud is Out of Control

    Compouning of knowledge enabled by technology with the collaboration of the cloud where it is progressing at such a rate we can long longer control, regulate and deal with all the ramifications that come with it. Our social, educational, legal, regulatory and political systems have totally lost their ability to keep up and no systems have been put in place to deal with it. Already many things/structures, laws, social/legal structures are rapidly loosing their ability to keep up. The rate of obsolescence of everything is rapidly increasingly leaving many social, political and physical objects totally obsolete well before their lifespan is reached. This can be seen in just about everything we come in contact with and the problems are getting worse, creating gaps in our personal, business and political lives beyond the ability of more and more people and systems to cope. The only solutions I see on the horizon is the rush to develop trusted platforms. Some companies and individuals have been able to adapt, but more and more we see governments and older existing social structures falling farther and farther behind. If we don't start building the ability to change and adapt into our personal, professional, social and political lives into our personal structures and ones we build the problems created will get very, very ugly in ways we haven't even imagined. I see the next key position in companies and organizations to be Chief Evolution Officer although another name will be needed to avoid confusion. Building intuition, evolution and lifespan management will have to be built into everything. This will be the source of some of the greatest opportunities in the future and we are already starting to see this in some trusted platforms. Massive changes will have to made in education and ownership of everything to adapt to this. As far as social and political structures, the answers are still up in the air. Governments will have the hardest time for government employees live in more in a world of fixed slow moving rules with work, pay and benefit structures that are totally obsolete when compared to the outside world, which makes them the least prepared to lead the rest of us into the future and even worse handle our taxes in an efficient, effective manner as indicated by the massive debt build up on a massive scale the world over. It is way past time for the government to remake itself into a transparent, efficient, evolutionary model. Working with finance, I wish I could look at government institutions like I look at companies and like companies let the successful grow and inefficient, ineffective die. In this area failure is not an option.

    Education and training are going to have to change radically to keep up and some are leading the way with government programs falling farther and farther behind. Salesforce with their Trailhead program has found as are more companies are all the time is that they must take charge of training a future workforce. This allows them to have the skilled people they need rather than have to train graduates of the existing system a second time. This is one of the reasons that Salesforce has become a power in their industry and sets an example for thr future.

    All these factors are creating an acceleration of opportunities for those that can not only keep up, but lead the change and constantly pick up speed. Those that don't adapt to this change will truly suffer or work for institutions that are subsidized by others at a cost to everyone.

    Thoughts and comments solicited and appreciated. I believe an active forum by the Semiwiki community is one of the best places to look for possible and probable solutions, using technology to create solutions for some of the problems it creates. I also believe solutions being built from the start of new or newly introduced technology is the best way to cope for it's better not to create a problem in the first place.

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    Don't Panic.
    Try reading Iron Sunrise. That will put things in perspective. Maybe not optimistic perspective...

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