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Thread: Chinese Planning on using AI for Social Control

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    Chinese Planning on using AI for Social Control

    Chinese companies, especially Alibaba, have been making large strides in AI/ML and have one huge advantage with the government as a partner. The Chinese government is looking at a rating system for its people with both perks and punishments based on your social rating. This alone will be one of the greatest experiments and one of the largest experiments in the history of mankind. This reward system could either damage or supercharge the Chinese economy. About ten years ago a very intelligent business associate of mine with an intimate knowledge of both China and the US said China would dominate because of the number of intelligent people it could devote to a challenge with full government support and cooperation. As one who has been very successful in both countries, I think he may be right. Just look how fast China has advanced in thirty years, If they keep up this rate, there is almost no doubt they will pass us. I do see a major turning point approaching with the trade frictions we now have and how intellectual property will be handled and traded in the future. I personally see the equivalent of a stock market in IP and just about everything else becoming a foundation of world trade. The containership(the largest now carry 21,000 containers, dramatically shrinking the world) combined with the communications network we have, have changed everything. It's a Brave New World, I hope it's a better one. I hope we don't end up with a Big Brother scenario. All we can do is wait and see. Silicon Valley has truly become the cradle of the greatest changes in the history of man and even this may change. We must not only master science, but wisdom if we are to truly create a better world. We need to keep ourselves well rounded in technology, economics and social sciences if we are to truly succeed in creating a world we want to live in.

    I just found this supporting article on mixing facial ID, referencing and location needed to support a country wide monitoring system.

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