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Thread: Chinese Perform Robotic Surgery

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    Chinese Perform Robotic Surgery

    This is a major step in medical with robotic surgery. It isn't a matter of robotic surgery now, but how fast it advances. If the US doesn't get on board, you can guarantee we will not only cede the lead to the Chinese, but the entire industry. Other countries either have to get on board or see their entire economies fall behind and maybe fall permanently behind and prepare for even faster growth of medical tourism that is already growing fast due to our high cost and low quality. I had a friend that holds technical and economic degrees that visited a dentist in Mexico and was surprised to find the dental equipment superior to that typically found here by a significant margin. This has also been found true of regular Mexican private medical facilities friends, one an engineer, have been treated at. Both the dental and regular medical where of very high quality and extremely low cost.

    This also presents serious competitive threats in several areas besides robotics and medical for the large number of technologies that go into medical robotics. Sensors, mems, processors, software, materials science and a whole host of other areas. Robotics will dramatically change how surgery is done in and of itself. This is to large a market covering to many technologies to risk losing. With medical becoming one of the world's largest industries, this will have severe economic ramifications in many areas as well.

    We have already seen AI/ML beat the best doctors in diagnostics at a tiny fraction of the cost in areas it has been applied and the same will be found true of robotic surgery. It's only a question of time. If we keep the huge drain of traditional medical on our economy, while the unconstrained Chinese don't, we will eventually become subservient to China.

    Any thoughts, ideas or comments welcome and wanted. This is an area where I have had mid six figure investments in both the US and China. I have read hundreds of thousands of pages in this area and take it very seriously as a professional investor for a living. I have also found the Chinese business systems and strategies to be substantially different from ours. We must compete, we have no other good choice and this will require the radical changes only Silicon Valley can bring, don't count on Washington with their proven record of failure.

    A robot implants 3D-printed teeth in a Chinese patient | ZDNet

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