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Thread: China Moving to Dominate All

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    China Moving to Dominate All

    China is now making moves to dominate auto manufacturing and every other field. A Chinese premier once said creating a massive number of jobs every year was his first thought of the day for if he didn't he would be deposed. It is time for everyone to step up their game for China is going to become a formidable competitor in almost every field. China has been a tech power more than few times in history. The Chinese had steel, when the Romans had only bronze. They have been the technological leader a few times in history and are determined to be again. With the breadth of their population they are poised to dominate robotics and autos in the very near future and many others in a single generation. Competition is good and it's time for everyone to up their game. Also if you want fairness, look it up in the dictionary, for that's the only place you will find it. Diplomacy and negotiation of standards, ground rules and handling of IP will be the most critical skill for trade wars of all types can be as detrimental as military/cyber wars. The semi/nanotech sectors are very high on their target list as are many others. They have the critical mass to move into multiple areas that will feed and support each other which few countries have. Below is but one very large example.

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