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Thread: China has Declared IP/Business WAR, Collaboration Better

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    China has Declared IP/Business WAR, Collaboration Better

    China has fully and unilaterally declared an IP/Business war against the rest of the world. They have been stealing IP and demanding one sided trade deals of the rest of the world to the detriment of all including themselves. They have proven their courts are kangaroo courts under the control of the government with outcomes predetermined by the government regardless of facts in many cases. No one wins a war, even the so called winner, but China has clearly snubbed all attempts by the current administration to deal in good faith. It's sad, for if they cooperated under fair, transparent deals with their trading partners all sides could advance at an accelerated rate. The world needs all countries to advance themselves at the fastest pace possible to deal with the economic, social and environmental problems and challenges before us. The Chinese with their economic, technical and organizational strength could make a serious contribution for the Chinese track record of pulling 800 million people out of poverty since 1990 is one of the world's greatest accomplishments, which they should take great pride in and help others to do the same. The Chinese empire is on its fourth rise and they have much to contribute to the progress of the entire world by taking their rightful place as a world leader, while a reputation of theft, exploitation and abuse of other countries in many ways will benefit no one including themselves. China has to learn that collaboration and cooperation can benefit all parties and make the progress far faster in development and implementation than pursued by everyone individually by a large margin. The Chinese have much to contribute to this equation and will benefit far more than waging a commercial war where everyone looses far, far more than they would gain otherwise. This is China's opportunity to step up to the plate and show they can change into a true world leader that is not followed through intimidation and threats, but because they bring not only economic and technical muscle to the table tempered by the wisdom of when you make the world a better place everyone wins. Conflict and wars, military and commercial, leave everyone far behind where they could have been. I hope the Chinese can bring new ways to advance collaboration and cooperation that attract progress and make them a key part of the "Great Acceleration" as they have proven many times in their history they have the capability to do. The Chines may doubt this, but there are many things we could learn from them in a collaborative relationship. Mistakes would be made, but the success of collaboration would far outweigh them.

    Below is an assessment of the 2025 plan that has serious flaws and is a loser for everyone including China.

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    It is painful to read such a long opinion piece without a page break, especially on a 4 inch phone..

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