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Thread: Blockchain databases and EDA

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    Blockchain databases and EDA

    I've read a few articles about Blockchain and understand that it's a de-centralized, distributed database that uses crypto techniques and hashes to link each new block of data. All of the EDA tools that I know about use a centralized database, but from a purely marketing perspective which EDA vendor will be the first to tout their new Blockchain, distributed database. Many of us know about Open Access as a popular IC design database, so some shrewd EDA marketing mind may come up with something like Blockchain Access to create an instant viral surge of awareness.

    I just read an article about how a company named Long Island Iced Tea Corp. changed their name to Long Blockchain Corp. which then was rewarded by a 200% boost in their stock price.

    Burger company launches blockchain rewards program, stock soars - Jan. 2, 2018

    The only plausible application for a blockchain database that made any sense to me for EDA vendors to even consider would be to distribute the popular FlexLM Licensing scheme, because finding and using the proper FlexLM license file has always been an IT hassle. Another possible application would be for IP vendors and users to record all transactions in an IP blockchain.

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    I can only agree fully with that. Bitcoin type Blockchain technology only makes sense when you want to build a trustable ledger in between parties without the need for having strong trust relationship in between them. For all other cases the overhead of the system is too large and thus not efficient. So I would be very suspicious for a company that starts to promote a blockchain based EDA database system.

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