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Thread: Biodegradable Graphene Electronics, One Step in Stopping Disaster

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    Biodegradable Graphene Electronics, One Step in Stopping Disaster

    Biodegradable graphene electronics may play a significant part in solving the serious problem of e waste that is presenting a whole host of very serious environmental problems world wide. The problems of exotic e waste going forward have the potential of being so severe they could force us to make the choice between advancing or severely limiting technology or hurting, maybe even killing the planet. With technology spreading and materials getting ever more exotic, this is a challenge that needs to become front and center in any product we develop. We already know many types of e waste produced by the semi/nanotech industries has environmental and health effects that are literally a nightmare with some effects so dangerous we don't even know the outcome. This is but one of many in a long line of steps the industry if it to be responsible must take. It's better that the semi industry take the lead, than let governments and lawyers try to solve the problem for we have seen how well that works. The semi industry must take a hard look at the entire life cycle of their products now for if we face the consequences of outside force making the decisions, that will in all probability be very unpleasant and costly.

    Making graphene out of wood for degradable electronics

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