If you thought we had Big Brother before with networked cameras every where, this is the next step. Coupled with Big Data, these systems take Big Brother to a whole new level. I can only imagine if you couple big data with AI what abuses could happen. I do worry about the US, but one can only imagine what some despots around the world could do with systems like this. Just as the semi industry introduces advances at an ever increasing rate, the power of Big Brother systems will increase proportionately. How long will it be before someone adds control and discipline systems to these Big Brother systems? One can see a very bright future brought on by our rapid advances in almost everything, but also the possibility of a science fiction like nightmare. With knowledge and creation, wisdom is key. I hope we can keep these systems in check as we have a with a wide variety of weapons of mass destruction, of which we are inventing and developing more all the time. This is far to important an issue not to be dealt with on any new technology out of the gate. The possibilities for abuse are far to great to not be taken into account as our new technologies become more powerful at an exponential rate.

New Office Sensors Know When You Leave Your Desk - Bloomberg